Discover the Benefits of Compounding Medications

What Are the Benefits of Compounding Medications

Medical compounding is the process of mixing more than one medication together to meet the exact needs of a patient. In order for a pharmacy to be able to provide this service, the pharmacist must be licensed in compounding medications. Because of this, there aren’t many pharmacies that offer this service. 

What Can A Pharmacist Do When Compounding Medications?

A pharmacist can:

1) Change the form of the medication. Different forms include but are not limited to:

  • Pill
  • Syrup
  • Cream
  • Gel

2) Change the ingredients in a medication.

3) Add or change the flavour of the medication.

4) Add or remove colouring from the medication.

5) Individualize the dosage of medication for a specific patient.

Why Would Anyone Need This?

There are many reasons why people need their medication to be compounded:

1) If you have an allergy to something in the medication, then a licenced pharmacist can remove it and mix you a different medication that has the same dosages that you need, but without the ingredient that you are allergic to.

2) If you need a specific dose of medicine that isn’t produced by manufacturers, then a compounding pharmacy like Riverbend Pharmacy can mix the medication for you in exactly the dosage that you need it. They make it specific to each patient’s needs.

3) If a patient has trouble swallowing pills (elderly or pediatric), then the pharmacist can create a syrup version of the same medicine to make it easier for the patient to take.

4) Compounding medications is also a great way to change the flavour and colour of a medicine for a baby or young child to make it more appealing and hopefully taste good for them.

5) It is also used for veterinary services and animal medications.

Did you know that….

  • Some medicines that are usually in pill form can be made into creams that you administer topically? This may reduce side effects like nausea.
  • Your certified pharmacist can work with your dentist to create dental preparations specific to you.
  • You can even use medication compounding services for your eyes!
  • You can get a topical medication compounded that targets the specific area of need better than oral medications. For example, someone who has arthritis that particularly affects their feet!

Compounding Medications to Help With Pregnancy Challenges

Pregnancy is the best of times, and it can be the worst of times. It is different for everyone, and some get the yucky side effects more than others, but all pregnant women have challenges to deal with. 

For many, one of those challenges is nausea. The doctor can prescribe a pill, but some pregnant ladies can’t even think about swallowing a pill or they’ll vomit. Others can, but the medications aren’t working for them.

How can a compounding pharmacy help?

  • Nausea: A compounding pharmacy can turn those vomit-inducing nausea pills into a sweet settle-your-stomach lollipop! Don’t fancy a lollipop? Well, they can do syrups too. They can also adjust types of medications and dosages to get rid of that nausea for good… unless you smell (insert sensitive smell here). 
  • Hemorrhoids: Added to the other challenges of pregnancy which no one can help you out with, hemorrhoids can be a real pain. The pharmacists at Riverbend Pharmacy can formulate a cream or gel to help bring you relief.
  • Stretch marks: In the first trimester you think you have it all under control. No stretch marks for you, right? You’ll use cocoa butter every day, you’ll keep the area nice and moisturized and you won’t have to worry about it.

A few months later, POP there they are…a whole bunch of stretch marks. Now what? Speak to a pharmacist who specializes in compounding medications and see what solutions they can offer you.

They should be able to mix a prescription from your doctor with other natural remedies to create something that actually works. They will also make sure that whatever they create for you will be completely safe for you and for your baby.

Don’t see your need on this list? Don’t get discouraged, talk to your compounding pharmacy to see if there’s something that they can suggest for you. 

Make sure to mention the medications that you are taking, how far along you are, any allergies, and anything else that you feel is important for them to know before they formulate a medicine for you.

Veterinary Compounding

We love our pets, and when our pets get sick it can be a terrifying time for your family. Trying to give them their medications can be next to impossible, but they need these medications to get better. What can you do? You can talk to a pharmacist who is qualified in compounding medications. 

Veterinary Compounding is the same thing as compounding medication for humans, only it is specifically for animals. Maybe you have a dog that hates taking his pills, or your guinea pig is too small for the manufactured dose of a specific medication. 

Sometimes veterinarians compound their own medications, but there are also pharmacies that deal with veterinary compounding. It can be easier than you think to give your pet their medication, you just have to figure out what works for your pet. Maybe it’s a gel to rub into their skin or a liquid that you can mix in with their wet cat food. Maybe it’s adding a yummy flavour to the medication that makes them think they are getting a treat!

Speak to your compounding pharmacist and see what suggestions they have for keeping your pet healthy and administering their medications.


There are countless reasons why you should consider making a pharmacy that has the ability of compounding medications your family’s pharmacy. They can even care for your pets with their veterinary compounding services.

Even if medication compounding isn’t a service that you need right now, life happens quickly and there may come a day when you need this type of service. Why wait until then? If you are located in London, ON drop by Riverbend Pharmacy and Clinic, or visit their website and let their family serve your family.

Until next time,

Nathalie Jolivet

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