Covid 19 Rapid testing

The Government of Canada has expanded access to Covid 19 Rapid testing among smaller and medium-sized organizations through new pharmacy partners.

COVID-19 rapid tests are a quick and easy method to identify the coronavirus. They work similarly to a pregnancy test in that they provide one or two lines after a few minutes indicating a result. Positive results will be shown if the test detects viral antigens, which are proteins on the surface of the virus.

The rapid testing procedure offers an extra layer of protection against the virus’s spread. Along with public health initiatives such as frequent handwashing, physical distance, wearing a mask, and vaccination, rapid test screening is another addition to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

According to experts, it may be a good idea for individuals to conduct rapid tests before going to work or school, visiting family or friends, or attending large gatherings in order to reduce the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus, which causes SARS-CoV-2.

After Testing

If you test positive for COVID-19, we recommend you get a PCR test from your public health unit to confirm the diagnosis and determine if the virus is a variant.

When you are waiting for further test results, you must adhere to public health standards and accept all isolation and quarantine directives given by public health officials.

If you have a negative test result, you should continue to use all preventative measures, such as hand washing and physical distance.

Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you should continue to Covid 19 rapid testing regularly. The vaccines are safe and effective, but they don’t provide total protection against COVID-19.

You should also keep practicing the public health measures that we know work, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining physical distance.

Covid 19 rapid testing Location

Rapid tests are performed on site and you will get your results within a half hour. Riverbend pharmacy is located on Oxford st. west in the plaza right next to the McDonalds. If you need directions to Riverbend Pharmacy, please click the link.