Diabetes Care

Diabetes care requires you to check yourself for diabetes symptoms regularly.

Many evaluations are available to confirm that your blood sugar levels are kept under control and that your therapy is working effectively whether you have pre-diabetes, diabetes, or have recently been diagnosed.

If you believe you have diabetes, or are suffer from diabetes. We strongly recommend that you follow the procedures below for proper diabetes care.

A1C Test

A1C is a blood test that assesses whether or not your diabetes is well controlled over the previous few months. This finger prick blood test takes 5 minutes and can be performed at any time of day or night. Taking this test will help you optimize your therapy to minimize the risks associated with diabetes.

Blood Suger Reading

You may get your blood sugar readings at your pharmacy. It simply takes a quick prick of your fingertip with a needle. You can talk about your results with your pharmacist and discover the best methods for obtaining precise readings.

Self-Monitoring Education

It’s critical to keep track of your blood glucose levels if you have diabetes. if you want to use a home blood glucose meter, your pharmacist can recommend the one that is best for you and explain how to use it.