Heart Health

Our Heart Health program can help you maintain a healthy heart.

If you’re on a blood-pressure medication or a cholesterol drug, our pharmacist may recommend some tests to see if your blood pressure or cholesterol levels are under control and whether further modifications to your therapy are required.

Hypertension Monitoring

Our Pharmacy may check your blood pressure using their on-site equipment. These values may be recorded in your personal health record. Our pharmacist may use this information to ensure that your medicine is working as expected and that your blood pressure is within acceptable limits.

Self-Monitoring Education

Blood pressure monitors are also available to take your blood pressure at home. Our pharmacist can advise you on the most suitable equipment for obtaining accurate readings and may recommend the most effective methods for getting precise measurements.

Anticoagulant monitoring treatment

Blood tests are required if you’re on warfarin or anticoagulants to make sure your anti-clotting therapy is correct.

If your blood doesn’t clot properly, you could risk life-threatening bleeding or blood clots. This test can be given as needed by your pharmacist, who will also change your medication if necessary. To receive this examination, you don’t need to have a heart condition.

Cholesterol Monitoring

Cholesterol testing is critical for avoiding heat-related illnesses and stroke since there are usually no symptoms of high cholesterol. If requested, our pharmacist can administer this straightforward blood test to ensure that your cholesterol medication is working as expected.