Infectious Disease Referrals

Visit our doctor if you are experiencing ongoing symptoms including fever and fatigue.

Infectious diseases are illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. All of these live on and within our bodies and are usually quite benign or even beneficial. However, under specific circumstances, they may cause illness.

Infectious diseases can be spread within our communities in many ways including:

  • From person to person 
  • Carried by insects or animals and transferred to people 
  • Eating contaminated food or drink 
  • Being exposed to organisms in the environment

There are many, many infectious diseases in the world and some of the most common worldwide include:

  • Hepatitis B: A very contagious virus that attacks the liver.
  • Hepatitis C: Also attacks the liver but is spread only through blood.
  • Malaria: This is caused by a parasite and spread through mosquito bites. If it isn’t treated, it can be very serious and even cause death.
  • Tuberculosis: An airborne disease which affects the lungs and can sometimes also affect your kidneys, spine or brain. Without treatment, it could be deadly.
  • HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

Here in Ontario, you are likely to have experienced the following:

  • Common cold: A viral infection usually occurring in your nose and/or throat.
  • Influenza: A virus that causes respiratory illness affecting your lungs, nose and throat. For some, it can have serious complications.
  • Chickenpox: Caused by a virus and very contagious. You will get an itchy rash all over your body.

To keep up to date on Infectious Disease trends and outbreaks in Ontario or to learn more about the various types of infections and diseases, you should visit the Public Health Ontario website.

If you or someone you love has been experiencing symptoms including but not limited to high fevers and fatigue, come into Riverbend Walk-In Clinic and let our qualified doctor assess you. If needed, the doctor will refer you to an infectious disease specialist who can further assist you.