Medscheck Program

The MedsCheck program involves a one-on-one conversation between the pharmacist and the customer to discuss their prescription and non-prescription medicines.

The MedsCheck medication review will encourage patients to learn more about their treatment and help them ensure that they take their medicines as directed while also getting the most out of them.

Patient Eligibility

An Ontario resident who has a valid Ontario Health Card and is currently taking at least three prescription drugs for a chronic illness is eligible. The MedsCheck service is voluntary, and participants must agree to it. Per year from the date of the original review, patients are allowed one free MedsCheck Annual.

Conducting the MedsCheck

A consultation is necessary, and it must be held in an acoustically isolated part of the pharmacy. The MedsCheck in-person consultation will last around 20 to 30 minutes. The time required to complete the procedure will be in addition to that. The MedsCheck interview can be done by a pharmacist, a registered pharmacy intern, registered pharmacy student under the direction of the pharmacist. A pharmacy technician may assist with organizing patient appointments; gathering, collecting, and preparing patient information for the pharmacist to conduct the Medscheck.