MTO Physical Exams

Need or Have a Commercial Driver’s licence?

Anyone in Ontario who is applying for a commercial driver’s licence or class A,B,C,D,E or F licence needs to get an MTO medical exam and submit the medical report to the MTO before they will receive their licence.

Need or Have a Commercial Driver’s licence?

Once you obtain your class A-F licence, you will need to get a new MTO Medical exam every few years depending on your age. 

  • Individuals younger than 46 years old: every 5 years
  • Individuals ages 46-64: every 3 years
  • Individuals 65 years and older: every year

This information was obtained from the Ontario Government webpage. 

Ontario residents who have or are applying for a G class licence do not need to complete an MTO medical exam unless one is requested by the MTO. Individuals with particular health problems may be required to pass an MTO Physical Examination before operating their vehicle.

How Riverbend Walk-in Clinic can help?

Our doctors are fully qualified, licenced, and experienced at performing these exams. Simply walk-in to our clinic and bring your licence along with any documentation that was provided to you by the Ministry of Transportation. Our doctors will perform the necessary examination and write up the report for you.

Please visit this page from the government of Ontario for information on how to submit your medical report once we have completed it at the walk-in clinic.