Non-Urgent Medical Care

Make us your go-to clinic when your family doctor isn't available.

Overcrowding the emergency department is a significant health issue in London Ontario. The leading cause of this is when individuals who require non-urgent medical care go to the emergency room instead. 

Overcrowded emergency rooms have a negative influence on patient care quality and patient satisfaction, not to mention you’re stuck there for hours waiting to be seen instead of at home resting after having seen a doctor at our clinic.

How do I know when I require non-urgent medical care?

Quite simply, if you could wait 24 hours before seeing someone without danger of dying, then you shouldn’t be going to the emergency room. 

Another way to look at it is if your family doctor could handle it, but they are closed then go to a walk-in clinic and not the emergency room

What if I’m not in danger of dying, but I have a medical issue that should be seen within 24 hours?

In this case, you should contact an urgent care clinic. These are walk-in clinics that deal with more severe medical issues. These centres usually have access to ultra-sound testing and/or x-ray testing for those who may need it. In London, ON there is the St.Joseph’s Hospital Urgent Care Centre. Consider going there before heading to the ER.

If you are unsure of how, when, or whether you are in need of non-urgent medical care, we recommend that you contact the Riverbend walk-in clinic directly. Generally, if you are suffering from any of the following medical conditions then you could come into our clinic. 

  • Sniffles, Sore Throat, or Earaches
  • Cold, or Flu symptoms
  • Sprained Knee, Ankle, Arms, or Pulled Muscles
  • Controlled Nose Bleeds, or Minor Cuts
  • Minor Headaches, or Physical Exams

We’d be happy to help.

If you suspect that you need immediate care, we highly recommend that you contact your nearest emergency department.