Personal Health visit

Did you know that you can come to Riverbend Walk-In Clinic in London, ON once per year without medical issues to discuss your overall health with a doctor?

These used to be called “physical examinations” which included a full body examination once per year. The purpose of these examinations was preventative in nature. The doctor would make sure that your body was functioning as it should, and would address any concerns or issues as needed. 

The goal was to catch bigger issues early and to build a better relationship between the doctor and the patient. These appointments generally took 1 hour of time to complete no matter the age or situation of a patient.

However, the Ontario Government realized that the needs of different patients varied depending on age and circumstance and that not everyone needed a physical examination every year.

They still understood the need for doctors to be able to build better relationships and for preventative medicine though, so they changed the name from “physical examinations” to a “personal health visit” and made some minor changes.

Doctors can now decide the length of appointment necessary depending on the patient’s age and health profile. Patients with chronic conditions may need more time to thoroughly assess their health. However, healthy patients with no medical concerns may not need to be physically examined every year but can still visit the doctor to discuss overall health and preventative options available. The doctor now has more choices on how to assess each patient.

What does this mean for me?

Once per year, you can come into our clinic and speak with a doctor when you are syptom-free. You and the doctor will:

  • Discuss your medical history
  • Discuss your family’s medical history
  • Discuss your lifestyle including sleep, exercise and eating habits etc…

You should prepare ahead of time by gathering the required information. Make a list of questions that you’d like to ask the doctor, too. Be sure you include any medications you take, as well as any previous medical treatments, tests, doctors, and therapies.

Depending on the discussions that you and the doctor have at the appointment, the doctor can:

  • Decide whether a physical examination is necessary and perform one if it is.
  • Discuss preventative tests like cancer screening that are relevant to your history and lifestyle.
  • Refer you to any specialists necessary to perform further testing if needed.
  • Make recommendations for how you can live a healthy, well-balanced life.

To ensure that you get the most from your visit, make sure the doctor has complete and accurate information as well as any medical records that will help them to get a more realistic picture of your health profile and lifestyle.

Book your personal health visit today by contacting us at Riverbend Walk-In Clinic in London, ON.