Specialist Referrals

We can refer you to the correct specialist

In Ontario, patients must get a doctor’s referral before they are permitted to see a specialist. No matter what brings you to our clinic, if the doctor deems it necessary, they can refer you to a specialist in order to provide you with the best, most specialized care. 

There are many types of specialists that we may refer you to depending on your symptoms, diagnosis and/or needs. Some of these specialists are:

  • Infectious disease specialist: 
  • Rheumatologist:
  • Pediatrician: These doctors specialize in infant and young child care.
  • Allergist: A doctor who diagnoses and recommends treatment for allergies
  • Dermatologist: Any skin conditions that you have can be looked after by a dermatologist.
  • Cardiologist: A doctor who specializes in heart function and conditions
  • Obstetrician: Provide specialized care for pregnant women, delivers babies and also deal with issues related to pregnancy.
  • Gynecologist: Diagnoses and treats various reproductive system conditions like endometriosis. 

Each specialist has its own criteria that a patient must meet before a referral is accepted. The doctor is up-to-date with these criteria.

Once a referral has been made, the specialist’s office will call you to schedule an appointment for further treatment. 

Please ensure that you provide the Riverbend Walk-In clinic has your correct contact information so that the specialist’s office can contact you.