Sports Physicals

Be Proactive. Get a Sports Physical Before Participating in a New Sport.

Our doctors at Riverbend Walk-In Clinic are qualified to do sports physicals for children, teenagers and adults. Our knowledgeable team will go through the patient’s medical history and conduct a thorough examination before making any recommendations.

What is a Sports Physical?

A Sports physical (also known as a pre-participation medical examination) is usually part of your or your child’s registration before participating in any sport. 

Assessing that an athlete is healthy and physically capable to play whatever sport they are interested in joining is the primary goal of a Sports physical. It’s also meant to reduce the risk of injury.

What Should I Expect For My Child?

While the exam may vary slightly depending on the age of your child, you should expect the doctor to:

  • Take the height and weight of your child
  • Check blood pressure
  • Feel certain parts of the body to check for things like hernias
  • Check your child’s muscles and joints to check for strength and flexibility
  • Review your child’s vaccine record to ensure they are up to date
  • Go over your child’s medical history
  • Discuss any protective equipment that your child needs to safely participate in their sport of choice
  • Discuss any exercises and lifestyle changes that should be made to help prevent injury.

Do I need to prepare?

Yes. You should make sure to:

  • Collect all medical history information and also any important family medical history information. 
  • Bring any other medical documents with you (for example vision or dental records)
  • Bring your or your child’s immunization record

In order for this exam to be the most beneficial for you or your child, please make sure to tell the doctor even about minor things like back pain or a sore ankle. 

You will also need to tell the doctor which sport you or your child is interested in playing, as different sports require different levels of fitness and health.