Well Child Exams

Want to ensure that your child is on track for a long, healthy life? Book your well-child exam today.

Well-child exams will check for proper, age-appropriate development in babies and young children.

Riverbend walk-in clinic offers well-child exams for babies through to teenagers. It is recommended to take your child to visit the doctor often throughout infancy and young childhood to make sure that they are developing normally and that any health issues are caught and dealt with early on. 

Depending on the age of the child, different developmental milestones will be looked for, but at every visit the doctor will:

  • Weigh your child
  • Measure length/height
  • Ensure they are up to date with immunizations
  • Ask about any health concerns.

Below is a more detailed explanation of what you can expect at a well-child exam for children of different ages.

New-born babies - 1 month-old

It is recommended that you and your baby visit the doctor one week after birth and again when the baby is 1 month old. At these visits, the doctor will discuss with you how you are all adjusting to the new baby at home and can share strategies to help everyone cope and adapt smoothly to your new bundle of joy. The doctor will also:

  • Measure the baby’s length and head circumference
  • Weigh the baby
  • Ask about how the baby is feeding and sleeping
  • Answer any questions that you may have

Babies 2-6 months old

It is recommended that babies in this age range visit the doctor every 2 months. Babies grow and develop so quickly in the beginning that it is important to visit the doctor often to keep on top of things. These visits are typically only 10 to 20 minutes long, but they are vitally important. If something seems off, the doctor can refer your child to a pediatrician for more specific care. The doctor will take the same measurements as before but will also ask you about age-appropriate milestones to see if your child is on track with their development.

Babies 6-18 months

You and your baby should visit the doctor every 3 months during this age range. The visits will look and feel the same, and should only take between 10-20 minutes. The doctor will ask about various things like:

  • Speaking and listening/hearing, and may recommend hearing and vision tests. 
  • Their mobility; are they crawling and/or walking? 
  • General wellness. Make sure you mention how often your child gets sick and if ear infections are a common occurrence.

Toddlers 18 months- 30 months

Visits to the doctor are reduced to one every six months now. Your child will receive any necessary immunizations and the doctor will measure their height and weight each time. It is important that you communicate any ongoing symptoms or frequent illnesses that your child may be experiencing, or if you have any concerns regarding your child’s health.

Children 3 years old- teenage years

You should bring your child to see a doctor at least once per year when they are between 3 and 5 years old. After that, you can reduce visits to once every two years. 

Regular check-ups are still important even for teenagers. The doctor can help to assess if there are any physical or mental health issues that need to be looked after.

No matter how old your child is, regular check-ups should be a part of your healthcare routine. Bring your child in to see our doctor at Riverbend medical clinic anytime. We’d love to help.